Seed Hunter

I've read all over the internet about how simple it is to start seeds. I'm a researcher, not by profession, but by nature. I love to research. So after we molded our plot of ground into an acceptable gardening surface, I set out to determine how we'd want to handle the next step: plants.

I love supporting local endeavors. This winter season we participated in a local CSA and have been nothing but thrilled every Saturday with our bag of goodies (I'll go more into that in another post). My initial thought for plants was to wait for the season to turn over, pick up some little guys and plant them straight into the ground. Then I thought about seeds. And then I got really into seeds. The challenge was one I couldn't pass up. I'd read a ton of different opinions about seed starting. From the high-tech equipment users down to "I just stuck the seed in a paper cup and put it by the window" types. I'd find a sweet spot half way in-between.

Once I started looking into seeds, I determined a few key requirements:

  1.  I wanted a local distributor
  2.  I wanted heirloom

I was pretty thrilled to find that Southern Exposure Seed Exchange was just 2 hours or so up the road in Mineral. Perfect. Heirloom? Oh yes. My boyfriend and I hadn't discussed a seed budget. So I just got what I thought would best suit us. At around $50 he nearly croaked. "These aren't the Cheetos of seeds, love. This is the good stuff", I explained. $45, and a micro amount of compromise later, seeds were ordered.


Other great seed companies that offer both heirloom and organic options include: