Jumper Derby at Virginia Horse Center

On Saturday we went out to the Virginia Horse Center for the Eventing in Virginia Jumper Derby. The Horse Center is a beautiful equestrian venue set within the blue ridge mountains, making for a stunning view and great cross-country opportunities. We were there to see my pony mare Luna compete under the guidance of Huxley Greer Equestrian. Huxley has been working with Luna for a couple of months now, with the goal being to help match Luna with a pony club competitor, or similar, eager young rider. Luna, not having been to a show in a couple of years, was fabulous. She was brave, eager, sporty, and absolutely adorable. She soared over the advanced green course, with scope and power. She is a powerhouse pony with a love of jumping and competition.


The day was beautiful. After quite the cold spell, the sixty degrees and bright sun were beyond welcome. The turnout for the show was impressive—competitors of all ages, horses of all sizes. Riders and their mounts were clearly excited to be in the show ring again. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and in my opinion, the perfect way to start the show season. You couldn't help but notice the excitement of the season ahead lingering in the air. The horse center is an amazing resource for our small but vibrant equestrian community. It nurtures the competitive spirit, provides educational opportunities, and is a professional (and beautiful) venue to those keeping the equestrian sport thriving in our area. If ever you're in the area, horse enthusiast or not, it's certainly worth the visit.


Huxley is a talented trainer, working horses and riders of levels and types. She is a dedicated competitor and a wonderful example of professionalism in this sport. Learn more about Huxley Greer Equestrian.