Life of Plenty Receives Liebster Award

2017 Liebster Award

The Liebster Award recognizes new bloggers who have made an impact in the blogging community in a very short period time. I kindly received this recognition by Emily Morton at Living Fit with Emily. With the acceptance of the award comes a few Q&As, so here we go!

Tell us a little bit about your blog

I started Life of Plenty in March of this year as a way to share my passions with people who have similar interests. This includes gardening, plant-based cooking, and creature care.

What is your biggest goal in life?

Maintain a steady calm, a steady happy.

Where is your “happy place?”

Home! Always home. It's my daily vacation to get to return home every evening.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to “high school you” what would it be?

Chin up, it gets a lot better.

Who do you admire most in history?

Jane Goodall.

What is your go-to favorite healthy food?


What is your dream job?

Anything that crosses creativity with science and let's me work outside of an office.

If you could change one thing about our society what would it be?

Think before you speak and once you do speak, do so kindly.

Tell us about one of your biggest adventures.

My whole life has been an adventure. ;) Almost two years ago I bought a little Welsh Pony and she taught me so much about patience, courage, and humility.

Tell us about your biggest blogging “win?”

Being asked to mentor startup bloggers. You know you're doing something right when you're being asked to advise.

my nominees

The great thing about this award is that it's one you pay forward. So I get the honor of choosing a few of my favorite newcomer bloggers! Congratulations to the following for their excellent start into the blogging world.

Capital Confessions

Capital Confessions is a super cute blog that focuses on recipes and DIY projects. What sets this blog apart from the others in the same niche is the excellent tone in which it is written. Molly creates a very fun environment for her blog and has great photography to accompany her writings.

Simply Saidy

Los Angeles hasn't been on my top list of places I want to visit, but after ready Saidy's post on LA, it's moved close to the top. Isn't that the essence of a valuable blog? To inspire, intrigue, and resonate? In addition to the short, but sweet posts is very nice photography that captures her experiences as a whole. I look forward to seeing this blog grow for years to come.

This Big WiLD World

Solo travel is something that's always intrigued me and Susan at This Big Wild World does a great job of presenting her travels in a way that you can easily relate to. Her posts are written in such a way that makes each a great resource for anyone traveling to the areas she's visited. The photography is equally as lovely, though I do wish there were more of it.

Feed Them Wisely

I nominated Meredith at Feed Them Wisely for the Blogger Recognition award earlier this year. Her posts continue to inspire me and I feel she is equally deserving of this award as well. She has a tremendous amount of valuable content that is well written, accompanied by lovely photography, and is easily digestible (much like her recipes!). Her professional experience in health gives her blog a perspective unlike many other food blogs out there. Feed Them Wisely is definitely a blog to be reckoned with coming out of the starting gate.


Anna has created a wonderful health-focused resource at Slow•o•lution. Her posts are thoughtful, diverse, and inspiring. She discusses health in body and mind through a variety of topics. Her blog is clean, well organized, and a great one to keep up with.


Rules for the nominated

  1. Write a blog post in acceptance of your award, link back to me, and answer the questions I've included
  2. Nominate at least 5 other startup bloggers with a following of 1,000 or less on social
  3. Include a list of questions you'd like them to answer
  4. Notify your nominees

Questions for the nominated

  1. What drove you to start your blog?
  2. What is your daily inspiration source?
  3. What are you currently working to improve for yourself or your blog?
  4. What established blogger do you most admire?
  5. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
  6. Best advice for someone wanting to start a blog?

Thanks once again to Emily at Living Fit with Emily for the award and recognition. Cheers, everyone!